About Stonewall Services

Stonewall Services is a local company providing simple and reliable solutions for records management and storage services to the entire greater Philadelphia region (including many parts of New Jersey). With our modern, best-in-class facilities, Stonewall Services offers clients easy, cost effective and practical solutions. Whether you’re looking for document storage, paper shredding or scanning services – we can help!

Our clients benefit by knowing that there records will be managed by professionals who understand there need for accuracy, reliability and simplicity.

We are an eager, highly motivated team of professionals servicing the legal, medical and financial industries. We would be delighted to show you the best solutions suited to your budget and requirements.

A Local Company You Can Trust!

Our goal at Stonewall Services is to consistently administer professional and superior customer service and provide innovative services and products.

Our Promise, Pledge & Guarantee

Our company’s guiding principles are based on honor, trust, character and integrity. This foundation is what we built our business on and it’s who we are. We do things right because it’s the right thing to do.
Our promise is to provide best in class services combined with dedicated and reliable customer support.

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