Document Scanning

Looking for paperless office solutions?

When considering a digital imaging plan, there are several issues that should be taken into account. Digital imaging can be a valuable solution, but there are circumstances when imaging may not be the best option. To avoid later frustration, it is wise to plan your imaging project carefully from the beginning.

What are some benefits to going digital?

Faster access to records. Your employees will not have to physically locate the document. They will have access to the information from their computer.

Multiple people have access to the same information. When more than one person needs information, they will have access to it without either having to make a duplicate copy of the information or waiting on someone to finish with what they need.

The information is available to multiple locations. Employees in different buildings will have access to the same information. No need for runners to go back and forth between locations.

Reduction in misfiled or misplaced paperwork. With an organized indexing system, your information can be easier to locate electronically. Imaged documents do not rely on being filed back in the proper place.

Reduction in the physical space required to store records. Imaging reduces the amount of papers to be stored either in your company’s offices or off-site in records storage.

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